Vena Cava Fall 2011


Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai were apparently influenced by the early nineties for this collection.  While I enjoyed the nice streamlined hourglass silhouettes to most of the looks sent down, some looks should have been left in that era.  Fashion is about moving forward, not dwelling on the past.  Nice and easy shapes are a big selling point during economic hardship, but honestly, I expected more.  However, I did really love those berets.  They were the real selling point to me.  The shape to them are fantastic.  Moreover, the beauty looks like Ke$ha exploded all over this.  And I love it haha.  Just the right whimsical note to offset the unfussy clean lines presented.  Highly difficult to replicate without making a mess though, but such pretty pretty fun :) and they glint really well off those fantastic disk chokers.

Verdict: Shiny accessories and beauty aside, Mayock and Buhai have provided some easy structured looks that I would wear on a lazy day.  But unfortunately, the collection felt a little too quiet to make any impact.

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