Barbara Palvin & Samantha Gradoville by Sean & Seng

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Barbara Palvin & Samantha Gradoville by Sean & Seng for Numéro #120

Numéro always manages to intrigue.  And push boundaries.  Employing seduction and provocation in equal measure, this editorial both titillates and disconcerts.  Womanly curves are most certainly displayed to full effect, which is a major shift from the waif aesthetic that fashion has favored in the past.   The feature shot above is my particular favorite instance of that.   Gorgeous perspective.  And the black and white doesn’t hurt either.  But while there is no shortage of come-hither looks from Barbara and Samantha, some of the seduction is a bit too obvious for my liking.  Not to mention, Samantha is a whole lot more attractive than she comes across in this.  She’s a bit too heavily made up.   And there is a discontinuity about this editorial.  I honestly don’t know how cavorting with statues comes into play.  Moreover, was there really a need to put bees on Barbara’s face?!?!  That aside, the shots I liked, I ended up really liking so all is not lost.

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