Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean for Interview February 2011

Oh so sorry but this must be done: *points while flailing* shoes shoes shoes shoes would you just look at those shoes?!?!!?!?  I cannot possibly love Balenciaga more than I do right now.  Thank you Nicolas Ghesquiere for giving me something I never even knew that I needed in my life. *_*

Now onto the rather calmer response.  I don’t care much for the chaotic styling and haphazard color scheme, but I do appreciate the sentiment.  Aymeline does emit a cool that’s needed to pull off the punk-themed aesthetic, but this editorial still feels a little one dimensional.  What made Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler so fucking epic for Spring 2011 was the duality that each collection had.  This presents all punk and barely any chic.  I guess I’m judging this a little harshly.  I always expect a lot from Interview Magazine.  With the precedent that it had set (thanks for that Bob Colacello), I should be expecting a lot.  I want it to thrill me and amaze me.  And while the pieces separately thrill me, I already fell in love with those during the collections.  I just wish this would give me something new to fall in love with as well.

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2 Comments to “Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean”

  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know I ADORE your website! I came across it recently and am completely stunned I didn’t know about it sooner… The way you go pick-out images from magazines around the world, upload such high quality images and add such interesting and sometimes witty stuff just blows me away!! And the site is beautiful! Thanks so much and please do keep it up!! This site is a gem!!!

    Yours truly,


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