Christina Ricci by Mert & Marcus

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Christina Ricci by Mert & Marcus for Pop Fall/Winter 2004

It feels like a Mert & Marcus kind of day.  Oh and I absolutely adore Christina Ricci in this.  And while it sort of feels like four sets of paired themes, everything transitions nicely.  It’s striking just is how utterly haunting this is; Christina presents this sort of artistic insanity interjected within moments of pure glamour.  What’s lovely is how she has this glamorous front, but with something just a little off about her.  Like those Greek Theater masks where the flip side of the gaiety is the depression.  You can get one utterly composed shot with an accompanying wacky shot.  Love it.  This sort of contrast and weirdness is right up my alley artistically.  Not to mention Christina Ricci is very doll-like, making this even eerier.  It’s a very compelling piece of work by Mert & Marcus and just the type of provocative that I like.  Perhaps now I will consider them for more than just the highly sexually provocative photography niche (since I will almost always remember them for this shoot).

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