Tom Ford Spring 2011

Ok I might take back what I said about Tom Ford’s first womenswear collection being a little too festive for my liking.  Which goes to show that there’s something about a live old school fashion show that one cannot sense from the quick shows today or the instantly published looks slideshow presented directly after.  And while I certainly benefit from technology, I like what Tom Ford has to say about it.  There is really no need for everyone to view the pictures instantly upon show closure; instant publication leads to a rather rushed presentation and review (myself included).  I am certainly all for a bit of anticipation and hype.  It keeps me from growing bored or becoming jaded about fashion shows.  And more importantly, the magic is retained with the waiting.

Credit: Smile

But truly, the clothes are gorgeously designed, well-tributed to the seventies, and overflowing with personality.  And although I’m posting the pictures up, I would strongly suggest watching the video instead.  The well-picked music (by the ever fantastic Karen Elson who happens to also walk in the show), charismatic models (why hello there Beyonce), and intimate setting truly highlight his clothes.  I love seeing what each model brings to the clothes and how Tom sets the tone for the entire production.  Moreover, this is all about the women.  More so than about the clothes for me.  It’s just an all encompassing feeling that I get from this production that I rarely get from any other presentation (as much as I adore several other designers).  Tom Ford certainly knows how to bring back a bit of glamour and wonder to the fashion shows.

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