Efes’te Uyandilar

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ranya Mordanova by Ahmet Polat for Vogue Turkey January 2011

Romantic minimalist is my first impression.  With a neutral palette, the styling is gorgeously loose while still retaining the core structure of minimalism.  What’s really nice about this is that Ranya displays an easiness that translates through the page; it all feels quite effortless.  Moreover, the ruins around her make for a fantastic setting, providing a great contrast to the sleekness of the clothes and giving a great sense of history to this editorial.  All the elements in this editorial come together to depict the quality of the design, which is a major component to minimalist styling in my opinion.  But what I really love is Rany’s unique looks.  Fashion has always liked the quirky and striking; Ranya fits favorably into that preference.  With her pale milky skin and inky elongated bowl cut, she paints a striking picture against the backdrop.  And the sunlight just loves her coloring.  She positively glows in it.  Though, the truly powerful shot amidst an already lovely series of shots is the one where she’s leaning against the shoulder of a male model (shot 6).  The contrast to skin and ink unusual and viscerally eye-catching.

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