Valeria Melnyk + Merih Mertel by Emre Guven

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Valeria Melnyk + Merih Mertel by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey December 2010

Such a sucker for dancer related editorials, especially ballet ones.  Ok…I did notice things other than the lovely pointed toes and beautiful arm placement.  For one, those gigantic bracelet cuffs are oversized gloriousness.   I always like a little point of quirkiness amidst the straight edge style.  And I do so love the sixties revival in this; that striped Stella piece certainly sets the tone initially.  Coupled with Twiggy-esque gorgeous heavy lashes and pulled back swingy ponytail, the A-line minis provide a lovely modern tribute to the mod sixties.  But the clothes and accessories aside, Merih Mertel completely catches my eye with every shot he’s in.  As a dancer for the Turkish State Opera and Ballet, he displays excellent form, intriguing quirkiness, and beautiful lines.  So thanks Marie Claire Turkey for that; Gülen Samanli, you have a lovely intriguing publication on your hands.

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