The Party

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Iselin Steiro by Rick Shaine for Cover Magazine December2010/January 2011

I love how this starts off slightly gritty with the long dress great contrasting with the battered converse and cracked walls before shifting to the glamorous underground playground of youth.  The concept seems simple, yet it’s difficult to create the true feel of it without feeling contrived.  A few like Ryan McGinley and Hedi Slimane have mastered it, providing a ringing truthfulness to their work.  Rick Shaine doesn’t do so badly either.  While I am more struck by the quiet moments of this editorial where Iselin is the only one in the frame, there’s a playfulness about the social scenes that I like.  This editorial provides a heightened sense of glamour more so by romanticizing the gritty city social scene than by haute couture avant gardeness or dramatic styling.  It’s a nice take on the scene.  I do so love how Iselin is always in the light until in the end she is utterly framed by it.  It could be seen as social commentary on those oh-so-fascinating It Girls or it should just be some fantastic focus work; in any case, this features Iselin beautifully.

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