Exquisitely Blunt

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Emily Blunt by Paola Kudacki for Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2011

As the title (which is excellent by the way) says, Emily Blunt is utterly exquisite in this editorial.  She exudes this old school glamour that is hard to find in movie stars nowadays.  And I love how Emily carries off the very sexy dresses with sophistication and grace.  Not only are her looks very striking (I’m such a sucker for blue eyes, dark hair, and porcelain skin), the bright styling presents a very nice contrast to the rocky landscape behind her.  Emily Blunt comes across as  beautiful, glamourous, and slightly mysterious with this editorial.  Not to mention, she gives me a throwback to the movie stars of golden Hollywood.  Just lovely.

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2 Comments to “Exquisitely Blunt”

  1. Thats so beautiful!

    Your blog is super amazing and I have nominated you to the Stylish Blogger Award! check my blog and hope you can join!


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