Tuscan Turnaround

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Lara Stone by Mario Testino for Vogue US January 2011

Well this is a refreshing take by Lara.  Set at Italy’s Castello di Vicarello, Lara has this lovely lovely soft countenance which we rarely see from her.  Possibly this is the post-finals relax that’s talking, but there’s an easiness about this editorial that I get immediately from it.  It presents the much-loved bondage strap bra from Rag & Bone Spring 2011 (which I totally fell in love with) in a romantic light and even softens the highly sexual Hermès jockspur jumpsuit (also from Spring 2011) into elegant sportswear [shots 3 & 4, respectively].  Lara already intrigues me with the opening shot where there’s a lifting of a mask and only part of her face can be seen.  The look in her eye is almost coquettish.  Not to mention, her hand placement is gorgeous; she creates such elegant lines with her hands.  Then, we are given a Boticelli-like Venus portrayal that depicts Lara as the goddess she is without referring to the oft-presented bombshell persona of hers.  I’m already won from there.  The rest are beautiful scenic shots that make me long for warm weather.  And while there is no doubt about her sexual appeal, much of the presentation in her other editorials seem contrived and while not desperate or cheap, blatant.  Lara seems younger and freer in this than in her other work.  And while not revolutionary, Vogue US presents a well-crafted and well-timed piece that evokes the rejuvenation that comes from a winter getaway (or just relaxing in general).

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