Major Tom

Credit: modelcouture

Lara Stone by Vindooh Matadinin for W January 2011

The fashion world has been abuzz with Tom Ford’s illustrious return.  And the announcement of launching a womenswear line.  While I am right up there with the rest of them, I have my own reservations with what I’ve seen.  I’m not a big fan of the Studio 54 seventies revival with the bombastic flamboyancy so that’s not really that surprising.  Though, I do appreciate the sentiment; Tom Ford’s clothes are meant for “confident, strong women who wear fashion individually and like to have fun” as W‘s Creative Director, Alex White, points out.  They are certainly that.  Vibrant and fun, they are hardly for the fain of heart.  I like the way the clothes and sentiment have been presented here.  I feel that the darkness and firelit color give us a very nice view of the clothes.  His foray into womenswear signals a shift into a new era, one that is almost a throwback to the way fashion used to be.  With personal commentary and intimate venue, his has established an old school feel that I love.  There’s a certain reverence for the design and creation in this type of presentation.  And makes the anticipation positively palpable.

In a society taken with instant gratification, Tom Ford could change fashion once again.  And while the fashion world has certainly become a lot more open (I certainly can appreciate that; this blog wouldn’t be here without that openness) and it’s nice to view shows immediately at this very instant,  I wouldn’t mind waiting for something of quality.  But above all, I love how Tom Ford’s mere presence can cause a pensiveness about the industry.  As it should.  He evokes a whole different sense of great in the fashion industry.  I’m excited to see how it will grow and shift as time goes on.

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