Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia July 2010

I cannot believe that I had forgotten to post this over summer.  Probably in some misguided attempt to stop posting so many ladylike editorials.  At any rate, Christy’s certainly still got it.  Many models from the nineties have been landing jobs lately with the industry’s desire for a new silhouette and the current fifties revival.  I’m glad that Christy has deigned to continue working amidst this.   Because she’ amazing.  And totally fits the mold without inducing any of the chauvinism from that era.    I love how she’s immaculately dressed amidst the wreckage around her.  It’s a nice study in contrasts that Meisel is very familiar with.  Moreover, you get the old school perfectly-coiffed and perfectly-presented demeanor with the modern Prada humor in it all.  Her looks haven’t changed one iota since she was modeling in the nineties heyday, but her demeanor has.  She has the knowing look of someone who has lived life and has gained from it.  Christy just slays me in this.

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