Chantal Le Fèvre by Wee Khim

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Chantal Le Fèvre by Wee Khim for L’Officiel Singapore December 2010

Good Lord Woman.  Chantal is smoking hot in this.  Very a la Calvin Klein.  I think Chantal has just convinced me to keep my long hair so that I may attempt to make it as sexy as hers in this editorial.  But really, I love the tribute to Calvin Klein underwear ads here.  It is sexy without the cheapness, the desperation, or the vulgarity.  It is innately there without being contrived.  And I love how Chantal makes different body parts utterly sexy: one moment it’s her collarbone on display with her head through back (shot 9), next it’s her underboob with her shirt caught between her teeth.  Languid and sultry, Chantal positively smolders in casual wear (a Calvin Klein specialty non?).   I think I’m in love with this Dutch model.  Calvin Klein would be smart to snatch her up for their next underwear ad campaign.  She’s certainly doing their aesthetic justice.

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