Alto Luxo

Credit: tfs

Daiane Conterato by Bob Wolfenson for Elle Brazil December 2010

Daiane is so fiercely gorgeous in this, it’s not even funny.  Glamorous madeup, she shines in this avant garde black and white editorial.  There’s a great sense of theatricalness–without being cartoonish–that I like.  It almost feels like a period pieces where presentation is everything and glamour and facade is preserved above all else.  I like the intensity and personality that Daiane brings to this; she gives a performance above all else.  And even though black and white shoots are already color contrasted, I love how the beauty and styling add to that.  The deep deep lip with smokey glittery eye just add a saturation that is fantastic.  And I love how the creative director has played with architectural texture here.  Smooth mirrors contrast with the tiling of the roof which contrasts with the mossy outside columns.  Moreover, those gowns are pure haute couture, and one must emanate a certain attitude when wearing them.  Daiane models this beautifully with that marked stare that’s made her popular on the runaway.  And above all else, this editorial is utterly fierce.


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