Tall Order

[I just love the way she tilts her right foot in the 2nd shot]

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Karlie Kloss by Paul Wetherell for Vogue UK January 2011

Quite honestly I didn’t expect to like this editorial as much as I do.  Karlie Kloss truly is the It Model du Jour.   She may only be 18, but she’s dominated ever since she burst onto the scene 3 (almost 4) years ago.  In any case, this is a gorgeous editorial for its clean lines, blessed simplicity, and classic silhouettes.  And the added dose of Karlie charm of course.  But it was really the wide leg trousers (and what Karlie did with them) that got me.  The trousers already have beautiful tailored lines, but Karlie enhances them with her positioning and innovative playfulness.  It could be the ballet training (ballet is about having the perfect line after all), but Karlie always has this nice movement throughout her editorials that can be clearly seen in the print as well.

Moreover, I love the easiness of this editorial.  The setting is well chosen with that lovely weathered hardwood floor, and the steam-lined styling just flows effortlessly.  Hardly buttoned-up like some would imagine.   The lines are clean yet not stark with blocks of color to offset the neutral palette.  This is hardly quiet minimalist.  And this is precisely the reason why we return to this styling and silhouette time and time again.  But really, I love how the quality of the craftsmanship is clearly shown.  The clothes are brilliantly structured and masterfully designed.  Just…stunning.

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