Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Vanessa Hegelmaier by Jonas Bresnan for Tush #22 Winter 2010

Lovely shoot, albeit a bit overly touched up.  Love the concept along with its execution.  I greatly enjoy the creative silhouettes and cast shadows, the elegant yet natural setting, and the added touch of a horse.  All elements well complements each other, even with the rather heavy color saturation.  Yet for some reason I feel like she’s wearing too much makeup although it’s just dark lip, a little eyeliner, and bold brow.  Or perhaps it is the unnaturalness of her skin.  For one, her skin is entirely too even.  Two, the luminescence is terribly telling.  And finally its composition just gives off “touch-up” vibes.  All that aside, I do like this.  I enjoy Tush for its creative editorials and interesting concepts.  This editorial falls right along that vein.

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