Erin Heatherton by Hasse Nielsen

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Erin Heatherton by Hasse Nielsen for The Sunday Times UK Style

I love how she’s literally on a pedestal while dressed in very scant clothing and looking like a 1940s pinup.  While it can been taken as very sexy (cuz Erin is very gorgeous and sexy in this), it could also been taken as the way men sometimes see women: as an object revered for beauty.  And although Erin seems very at ease up there, there’s a lot of societal implications with this.  There is a woman in lingerie doing nothing really of note up on a pedestal with the city as a backdrop, and that signals to me a common view of beautiful women.  Beautiful women (and most of the time women in general) become a concept rather people.  I think what The Sunday Times UK has done is smart, well-styled, and pointed.

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