Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson for Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar

*Nudity warning.  If you don’t have the maturity, don’t look at it*

Finally nudity done right.  And of course the French would be the one to do it.  This falls firmly on the side of sensuality rather than obscenity (how porn is essentially gaged).   Daria has such an amazing body that I could just look at this calendar for quite a while.  But more so than her spectacular body, the shadows and silhouettes depicted here are positively gorgeous.  There is a languidness about this, and the innate confidence that Daria has transcends any hint of sordidness.  She has this innate womanly knowledge that none of the waif-like young models cannot replicate.  I love how she is Vogue Paris‘s go-to girl for sensual shoots.  She just intuitively produces these breathtakingly seductive editorials with an earthiness that is so very human.

Passion is a very instinctual part of humanity; I feel that many have forgotten that.  It has been turned into something vulgar and moreover, easy.  Sex is such a commodity nowadays.   The media has created this heightened sense of sexuality, leading many to eschew it as this hyper-fetishized big deal.  As a result, sexuality is put onto a moral scale as opposed to being viewed as a part of our humanity.  Especially in American culture, there is this obsession with virginity, creating a virgin-whore dichotomy where sex becomes this thing that’s sordid and feared.  I’m sorry that I am ranting a little, but I want to stress everything this editorial is not.  It is not cheap.  It is not lewd.  Daria has not been coerced into performing for a camera.  This is a well-executed sexy, highly sensual calendar that Mikael Jansson shoots with his normal standard of excellence.

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