Lettre à Elise

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Elise Crombez by Tom Munro for Numéro March 2007

It’s funny.  I always know Elise as the model with a particularly nice bottom.  I really do love her body.  And I try to say this in the least objectifying way as possible.  Her proportions are lovely.  Of course, there is also the unusual peeks of skin displayed here to contend with.  I’m sure everyone knows by now my love of intriguing cut-outs.  It could be the tiniest sliver of skin but if it’s well-placed, I’ll still find it like the sexiest thing ever.  Take the feature shot above for example: that display of just her side is like genius.  And her skin contrasts quite well with the inky darkness of her tailored suit.  The languidness of her pose is also lovely.  It conveys a self-confidence about her that draws me in.  She is able to create this sense of drama and deliver some truly spectacular shots.  Moreover, there’s a rawness about this that I really like.  I think Tom is using a film in this case, giving it a less slickly polished feel.  Sometimes, fashion photos feel a little too well put together.  The use of film gives it a sense of realness.  Numéro always hits all the right spots for me.  This is no different.

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