Inside Out

Credit: Smile

Iris Egbers, Melodie Monrose, Basia Szkaluba, Hailey Clauson, Kat Hessen, Simone Carvalho, Laura Liriano & Hanne Bruning by Hugh Lippe for Dazed & Confused December 2010

Oh look, it’s the return of the side boob.  I’ve missed it lately.   And Huge Lippe decides to address that in this series of stunning black and white shots.  I’m certainly liking the minimalist style and tone.  It’s a big theme for fall 2010.  Dazed & Confused offers up this lovely softened grey-tone that isn’t overly contrasted.  Sometimes, simplicity really is best.  This could have easily been ruined by being overly ambitious.  I do like that there are a couple raw edges to the clean lines as well.  It stops this from being too clean and thus appearing plain. [A design concept that Alber executes like none other].  Moreover, I like the youthful feel to this despite its sophisticated edge.  It’s a nice way to showcase relatively unknown young models.

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