Ten Times Rosie

Credit: noirfacade

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Rankin

This is just a 35-shot snippet of the actual book.  Rankin published Ten Time Rosie back in January; it is a stunning 240-page hardback photography book.  This is kind of crazily epic.  Rosie goes from sexy to glamorous to gritty to edgy to androgynous and back again.  The shots I liked I really liked while some didn’t impress me as much.  However with a spread this large, that’s to be expected.  It’s an undeniable fact that Rosie’s amazing though.  She’s a lot more versatile than people who write her off as a VS model would expect.  Obviously she is very aware of her feminine charms, but it would be wrong to typecast her as merely a bombshell.  And as one would expect, I am very much in love with the ballet portion of this shoot.  The use of the resin chalk was a spectacular touch.  Not to mention she creates a very truthful and intriguing outlook on that world.  I love how the power and strength come out amidst the beauty and lines.  Her hands are gorgeous.  She has really awesome wrists as well.  Overall, I am simultaneously charmed, intrigued, and impressed by Rankin’s portrayal of Rosie.


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