Family Circus

Credit: Smile

Arizona Muse, Britt Maren, Lindsey Wixson and Anais Pouliot by Paolo Roversi for W December 2010

A naked Kim Kardashian cover aside, I really enjoy the direction that W has taken.  Ever since Stefano Tonchi (previous editor-in-chief of The New York Times’ T Magazine) took over, W has been revamped and given new life.  I love what he’s done with the place.  And considering what he accomplished at T, he’s certainly the man for the job.  Furthermore, I’ve been waiting for Britt Maren to land an editorial.  I love that girl.  But now onto the editorial.

This gorgeous wintry editorial takes everything I love about winter and has transformed it into a brilliantly fantastical offering.  I certainly detect The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe allusions.  But moreover, it brings a somewhat haunting yet utterly romantic outlook, tying in the charm and mysticism of this time of year.  [There is a reason why Harry Potter is always extremely successful in November after all.]  There is something about the period between Samhain and Yule where fascination with mysticism and in particular, a love of the fantastical, is heightened.  Moreover, stylistically, this is rather lovely; I love how the warmth of blushing pink and cream have been transformed into the iciness of ivory and mauve.  Also, Alex White is rather brilliant for working in the colored hair and deep eye, demonstrating a relevance to the current trends in the industry.  There has been a bit of a moment with punches of color in the beauty and hair for the spring 2011 shows.

More prevalent in my case though, I am kind of in love with this.  I cannot stop looking over this editorial.  Paolo Roversi, you have once again captivated me.

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