So Poetic

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Lily Cole by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia August 2006

Oh Lily I’ve missed you.  I feel like the modeling landscape has completely changed in just a couple years.  And while I do like the changing of the guard, I kind of miss seeing Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, and more importantly, Gemma Ward constantly in publications.  They were–and still are–some of the greats in this industry.  Lily’s doll-like countenance coupled with the charisma she brings to every shoot is hard to replicate.  I love the avant garde touch to this and how Lily is just a bit eerie.  Not only does she look doll-like, she acts doll-like as well.  And her stare is excellent.  It’s purposefully vacant.  Although this was originally produced in August 2006, this beauty phenomenon is apparently coming back.  The fantastical gemstones and stars decorating her face are similar to the celestial-inspired Lachlan Bailey shoot for Vogue UK December 2010 with Frida (that’ll be posted shortly).  I also like the contrast between her brightness (sparkley makeup, shiny jewelry and clothes) and the desolate wrecked setting.  It makes for a rather unique editorial.  I don’t know if Vogue Italia was attempting to make a political statement as they tend to; however, I have no reference point for that (possibly the upcoming recession) or not one I can recall at any rate.

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