Prelude to Winter

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Kasia Struss by Hugh Lippe for Naag November 2010

While this doesn’t appear much like a prelude to winter to me, I greatly enjoy the dreaminess of this shoot.  There is a quality about Hugh Lippe’s photography that I like.  He manages to create a version of escapism which does not require avant garde props to prompt the viewer.  The camel filter–not quite sepia–to some of the shots is also a great touch.  It feeds in perfectly to the dreamy mood and suits the beach setting.  And I love the unfocused silhouette of Kasia as it plays with your eye a bit.  Makes you wonder a little if her character in this is supposed to be like a figment of your imagination in the distant horizon.  Kasia also displays a hint of sensuality that complements the soft romanticism of this shoot.  Everything just comes together nicely to create a pleasant shoot.

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One Comment to “Prelude to Winter”

  1. OMG I love those!!! So beautiful ….im speachless! Thank you for sharing xxx

    Lovingggggggggggg your blog so much!

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