Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Sara Blomqvist & Jeremy Young by Andreas Öhlund for Stockholm Spring 2011

I do so love when art imitates life.  There is something highly voyeuristic about it.  We are literally delving into Sara Blomqvist and Jeremy Young’s relationship.  And what a lovely relationship it is.  I love the duality presented here as this editorial depicts both the innocent glee of young love and an innate sensuality.  There’s a sense of playfulness along with palpable desire.  Jeremy and Sara are obviously very comfortable in his/her own skin and clearly comfortable showing it in front of the camera.  This makes for a very organic product; nothing feels contrived.  While obviously this is very sensual, some of my favorite moments are when she’s peeking out from the covers or where he’s just gazing at her regardless of what she is doing.  It conveys that intrinsic awareness couples in love have of each other; a connection where one can’t help but seek out the other.  I like this for the palpable emotion and nostalgia it brings out and for the gorgeous moments of life depicted, of course.  And this remains a very real portrayal of life as opposed to the heightened sense of reality fashion editorials frequently favor.

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