Down to the Basics

For all I talk about beauty products, I don’t actually wear that much makeup at one time.  The right moisturizer (usually tinted moisturizer with SPF), a little mascara, and perhaps some concealer if tinted moisturizer isn’t enough get me through for day-to-day.  After all, clear glowing skin is the foundation to all beauty.  The problem with tinted moisturizers and concealers is that they tend to fade throughout the day as one’s face tends to sweat, get wet, and/or get oily.  And it’s a bit irritating to carry around the tube as they tend to explode when you open it.  Not to mention, no one wants to cake on makeup in an effort to make it durable.

While I get by just fine with my Dior HydrAction (discontinued but they have a replacement supposedly), finding the right accompanying concealer has proven a bit more difficult.  But I have prevailed! :)  Kat Von D. tattoo concealer (available at Sephora for $25) has my pick.  For one, it has no parabens or phlates (I know that there hasn’t been enough to study to be certain but best to take out all potential hazards that may, even in the slightest, cause cancer).  And it has this silky texture thanks to the silicon so it requires no primer to go on smoothly.  But moreover, this stuff absolutely does not budge.  It’s waterproof, sweatproof, and fairly resistant to oil buildup on one’s face.  It conceals blemishes, red marks, under-eye bags, and as advertised, tattoos until it is washed off (I recommend using a little pressure and some baby oil or a waterproof makeup remover).

It may be a little pricey for a little tube, but if there’s anything one should splurge on beauty-wise, it is foundation/tinted moisturizer/concealer because they can be matched exactly to one’s skin tone.   Nothing is worse than seeing someone’s face not match their neck.  Not to mention, the texture, durability, and consistency to high end is also significantly better.   A little goes a long way so it will last you.   So if you like liquid concealers (if you like stick/cake concealers, I can’t really help you there.  My best rec is Cle de Peau beauty stick), I definitely recommend giving this one a try.  Sephora even lets you take a sample home to see if you like it.

I couldn’t resist a last shot of Frida from Calvin Klein Spring 2011.  This is just a more heightened blueprint for the natural look.


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