Refined Rebel

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Raquel Zimmermann by Nick Knight for Vogue UK November 2010

I do so loathe to topple my top post of Natalia in “Woman of the Year,” but c’est la vie.  Nothing lasts forever right?  I recently just picked up this issue actually (delivery of Vogue UK is a month or so delayed in the US).  And I must say, this is some spectacular eye makeup.  I may not be impressed by the posing or overall execution of this, but I cannot fault the styling or beauty.  They complement each other while depicting a glamorous punk that everyone’s so fascinated for spring 2011.  It’s interesting; Raquel almost seems like a subject in a portrait in the first initial shots.  Something about the texture in this I guess.  Or perhaps the look in her eye.  In fact, this entire editorial seems like something Nick Knight and Gaga would pair up to do: the eccentric styling, Venetian mask-like eye makeup, the bejeweled nails…I so love that Vogue UK always contains a “haute couture” piece in each issue as of late.  It’s a lot better than seeing a boring studio shoot every single time.

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