Brooklyn 1960


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


Caroline Trentini by Fabio Bartelt for Elle Brazil November 2010

Photographed by her boyfriend (actually I have no idea why I felt that that fact needed to be shared), an auburn-haired Caroline Trentini depicts a sixties throw back, looking decidedly leggy in those gorgeous A-line minidresses.  She certainly uses those legs of hers to her advantage; I love the lines displayed here.  She manages to appear girlishly mod without seeming fragile.  And with her red hair, she distinctly reminds me of Mini Anden (Je l’adore).  But what I like best is the timeless quality about the photos.  Even though I can tell the sixties influence in the styling immediately, nothing dates this editorial.   Fabio Bartelt makes excellent use of shadows, providing contrast to the illuminated Caroline.  Moreover, he chooses his placement well.  Shot 2 has parked cars in the background, but they do not detract from the tone he’s trying to convey.  In the end, both Fabio and Caroline display the latest offerings of Brazilian Fashion Week to their advantage.  And that’s really all that matters

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