Woman of the Year


Credit: modelcouture


Natalia Vodianova by Michelangelo di Battista for Harper’s Bazaar UK December 2010

Natalia is gorgeously gilted in this editorial.  Every single shot is stunning.  I must confess that I initially found Natalia neither interesting nor attractive.  I quickly changed my tune after viewing her work.  She’s stunning.  And a truly excellent model.  She looks like the goddess she is in this editorial, decked out in golden armor no less.  Everything about this is spectacular.  The messy updo offsets the glamorous looks while the industrial space behind her contrasts nicely with the golden haute couture.  It could have turned this edgy and futuristic, but Natalia looks strong and glamorous.  And innately feminine.  This is sexy.  This confidence in one’s own skin that few have.  Natalia has it in spades, and it most definitely shows in this editorial.

Moreover, whoever the stylist for this is got it pitch perfect.  I’ve been seeing that feathered Alexander McQueen in every single couture editorial, but I can’t get enough of it.  Natalia looks fantastically fierce in it.  And truly, that golden armor is amazing.  It sets the tone for the piece.  In any case, she has such presence in this piece (girl doesn’t even need the aid of that armor).   I feel powerful and strong just looking at her.  And after the year she’s had (just click the tab with her name under categories), she certainly deserves the title of Woman of the Year.

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2 Comments to “Woman of the Year”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog via Google Images and I think it’s gorgeous. I’m completely in love. Keep up the great work!


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