Temps Libre


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


Freja Beha Erichsen by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris November 2010

First off, I love the high drama of this editorial.  Vogue Paris rarely (if ever) disappoints.  I don’t even mind the bowl-cut hair either.  I think it suits the stark lines throughout this editorial.  Freja languidly splays her limbs, yet she uses her arms as a way to frame the shot.  It’s lovely.   I like the softness she presents and how she does this without losing any of her edge.  She retains her androgyny appeal and distinct edginess.  That line is something Freja is quite good at and Carine clearly recognizes it.

Of course, j’adore Hedi Slimane.  He was the very first photographer whose work I admired and follow when I got interested in the fashion world.  He always produces these beautiful black and white photos.  Moreover, I am a big fan of time-focused concepts.  Carine keeps it interesting with dangling pocket watches and presents boldly-lined wrist watches.  The lines they give are simply fantastic.  The featured shot above is an excellent example of this.  Another is her shirtless in a white gauzy skirt with elbows bent and hands braced on her thighs.  But my favorite is the shot from collarbone to knee where her elbow is bent towards her body.  The black watch complements the inky darkness of her leather skirt, yet stands out just enough.  In fact, I’d be hardpressed to find shot I didn’t like.  This is another quality dramatic edgy piece from Carine and Vogue Paris.

Note: the last 4 shots are outtakes.

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