Wild Child


Credit: Smile


Leighton Meester by Christophe Meimoon for UK Marie Claire December 2010

Before I say anything else, I will state this: Leighton Meester is absolutely gorgeous.  That and preface it with this: I *adore* Gossip Girl.  So please excuse the effusive babbling.

Leighton Meester is the perfect celebrity to do a beauty shoot.  She effortlessly transitions between various styles without seeming contrived or contradictory to her own personal style.  And as previously mentioned, she’s gorgeous.  The underlying theme to this seems to be romantic rocker glam as Leighton flits between studded leather jackets and whimsical ruffles.    It is accompanied by deep navy liner (*love*), glamorous red lip, and romantic curls or a braided bun with wispy flyaways.  And they are constantly intermixed.  Edgy heavy liner toughen up romantic ruffles while wispy flyaways soften up studded leather jackets.  It is well integrated.

Moreover, this appeals to me in particular.  Beauty is a true passion of mine.  And well-executed, creative beauty shoots inspire me.  This is an excellent beauty shoot.  Particularly, the black and white profile shot of Leighton with the Chanel tattoo displayed is timeless and gorgeous.  Well-angled.  And  Leighton has this charisma that draws you in.  Everything about it is so well executed.  I’m so excited about it that I’m just blathering like an idiot.  But honestly, look at this beauty shoot.  It inspires idiotic blathering.  Finally a celebrity shoot that I don’t hate (Carey Mulligan is the exception.  But she’s not a true celebrity).  So I will leave you to appreciative gazing before I further lower people’s good (or perhaps not) impression of me with my enthused spazzing.

Note: I’m posting the shoot as is and the shots without the writing as well (in that order).

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