Ruby Aldridge by Derek Kettela

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ruby Aldridge by Derek Kettela for Dossier Journal VI

Ruby (and her sister Lily) is an exciting newcomer which I’ve been seeing quite a bit of in this past Fashion Week.  There’s a fey-like quality about her, yet she has this gangliness that I like.  Not to mention she has some fantastic style which street photographers go crazy over.  I love the Boho feel to this shoot; it’s like a chic hippy (strange.  I’ve never used that term before, but I’ll run with as it is nearly 2am and I am exhausted from exams).  For once, I find the the colored shots more intriguing than the black and white ones.  The colors are rich and well-suited for fall.  And that red lip is just gorgeous with her porcelain skin.  What’s clever is how the jewelry accents the looks throughout this; accessories can really change the look and feel of an outfit.  Jeweled headbands set the style tone while gilted cuffs nicely finish off an outfit.  Moreover, those boots in the shot above are divine.  Me want.

I get the impression that Ruby is a truly excellent lounger.   She has this languid yet elegant sprawl with this hint of attitude.

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