Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Andrej Pejic & Jana K by Matthew Brookes for Vogue Turkey November 2010

First off, I’m really impressed by Vogue Turkey for pushing boundaries in terms of androgyny.  The model casting is truly revolutionary (especially considering the area of this particular Vogue).  And while I am not blown away by everything, I like a good majority of these shots.  This editorial presents clean lines and chic tailoring amidst a gritty setting and slightly haunting presentation.  The contrast is lovely and results in a distinctive and well-executed editorial.  Moreover, I don’t see either of them as effeminate.  While they do an excellent job of fooling me on occasion, I still see them as men in well tailored chic clothes.  They may be dressed in womanswear, but they do not act like women.  They turn the styling into their own.

In fact, the styling takes the cake for me.  I fell in love with it on sight (I blame that truly gorgeous Celine coat in shot 9).  The lines and fall of the clothes are distinctly haute couture high quality.  And that opening shot made me reminisce on Alexander Wang’s cleaned-up grunge street fashion aesthetic.   What I find interesting (and am happy to discover) is I can see distinct periods in recent fashion history.  It is indicative of the times from the early to mid 2000s to now.   The Alexander Wang street style signals fashion’s fascination with chic grunge in the mid-2000s before shifting to the minimalist tailoring of Celine and the practicality of thick knits of today (particularly, Fall 2010 presentations from last February).  Whoever was the creative director behind this editorial understands the poignancy of fashion history.  So bravo Vogue Turkey.

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