Paola de Orleans by Renam Christofoletti

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Princess Paola de Orleans by Renam Christofoletti for Vogue Brazil November 2010

Originally, I didn’t like this editorial but it grew on me.  Not to mention, Paola de Orleans has some spectacular lines. Initially, this shoot seemed very androgynous themed, but then it evolved into elegant glamour.  Paola de Orleans has a refined sense of grace, which is demonstrated throughout but truly noticeable in the last couple of shots.  But seriously, I know models are supposed to be tall, but Paola has one of the most elongated lines that I have ever seen.  It makes for some lovely shadows and she utilizes her line to its fullest, giving her a remarkable presence in every shot.  I also like the range that she demonstrates; the initial images give an androgynous look with a younger feel before shifting to a decidedly womanly chic and finally ending with high glamour.  The last 3 shots really hit my high fashion sweet spot; they feel the most haute couture to me.  Everything just comes together nicely in those shots.  That is not to say the rest is not good.  They just didn’t incite a powerful visceral reaction from me.  What I do like is the realism in it.  Her moles and goosebumps are not edited out.  And that is the way it should be.

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