Double Shadow

Credit: Smile

Carrie Ann & Johnny George by Jason Kibbler for Dazed & Confused November 2010

Sometimes, all it takes is one shot.  One shot that can capture the viewer.  This shoot does that.  I liked this without even needing to see the rest of the shoot (as short as it was).  Futuristic negative coloring, yet classic denim styling from the seventies.  The concept is intriguing; the double image creates an intensity that wouldn’t be there otherwise.  Photographer Tyler Shields like to play with double images as well, but not quite like this.  This is almost like a double identity with a darker personality within that comes out in the shot.  Dazed & Confused is really impressing me with its art and concepts.  It can take something simple has a girl in classic denim and turn it into something futuristic and unique.  The point of view is refreshing.

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