Devil’s Daughter

Credit: Smile

Dafne Cejas by Anthony Maule for Dazed & Confused November 2010

I terribly like high concept, somewhat unsettling editorials.  They always impress me with their audacity and their dedication to a particular aesthetic.   What I particularly love about this editorial is that nowhere in it does it strive to be pretty.  And Dafne is unafraid of seeming off-putting or ugly even.  This is a high concept piece that could have come straight out of an Alexander McQueen show.  I love all the shots in black; each one is intense.   Shot 4 is impressive for texture alone and that’s not to mention the way Dafne contorts herself.   There is a somewhat futuristic feel with the pixelation, but there is a decidedly otherworldly tone overall.  And even though she’s in all white for the last shot (featured above), I love how haunting it is.  The white alludes more to death than innocence.  This darker tone fits right in with the autumn season.

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