Seduce Me

Lara Stone by Craig McDean for Interview October 2010

Lara Stone seems to be a very popular model for Interview Magazine (usually shot by Mert & Marcus).  But I like this Craig McDean shoot more than any of her seductive–admittedly very kinky–editorials by Mert & Marcus.  They just seem too blatant and sexually saturated.  The subtly of the seduction in this impresses me a lot more than the overtly sexual clothing and busty posturing in the others.  The styling may not appear seductive, by it seduces me anyway.  The quality of the clothes seduce me.  The isolated shape to the clothes may be unusual, but the overall shape is very womanly.  And the slivers of skin peaking out between the thigh highs and skirt teases the view just enough to entice.  But what I really like is the look on Lara’s face throughout the editorial.  Lara has such an excellent grasp on who she is and that, to me, is extremely sexy.  And the shadows in the setting really set the tone.  So bravo to Lara and Craig McDean for going for something with a little more substance instead of catering to the shock and awe method.

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