Rhapsody on Clothes


Credit: Vogue.com


It has certainly been a while (understatement) since I’ve posted one of these.  I have been so focused on editorials and shows for the blog and chemical engineering when I’m not, that these have fallen a bit behind.  This was one that struck me in the midst of Fashion Month Insanity.  It is being posted now as I have the time and cognitive coherence to post it.

I shop deliberately and decisively.  Any puzzlement or debate does not result in a purchase.  Lately, shopping has been a little less deliberate.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I walk out with something impulsive and lovely: a beautiful cashmere scarf bought at sight and treasured reverently as I caress its softness or sharp black bustier with an unusual V’d back.  And those may be some of the best purchases that I have ever made.

Clothes are pleasure-filled for me.  I touch everything.  Even before looking at price or need, I check material.  Quality fabric is the building block to a quality wardrobe.  One that is built over a lifetime.  Clothes may just pieces of fabric sewn and manipulated into certain shapes, but they are more powerful than that.  They can readily shift the psyche of a person.  People frequently forget that looking good in one’s mind truly factors into feeling good.  So I choose my clothes with care.  An outfit that suits my mood does so much more for me than anything else.

I approach magazines in the same manner.  There is no careless flipping through for me.  No, no.  I devour it: I scan over adds, dissect articles, peruse the editorials, and revel and dismay over chosen subjects.  It may take me an hour.  It may take me a day.  But in the end, I inspect it cover to cover.  And there had better be no torn or bent edges.  It is inspected for tears or printing mistakes.  Inspected for the glossiest cover and most saturated color.  It may seem OCD or anal retentive of me, but this is my trade.  I do not approach it lightly.  It is the world which I am passionate about and fascinated by.  To treat it otherwise would do it a great injustice.  And cheapen the work people have put into it.  Not to mention, fashion is so visually oriented.  With today’s technology and obsession with HD quality, there is no reason not to expect and want the best image clarity.

However, I do not take it so seriously that I cannot have fun with it.  It IS clothes after all.  There’s something enthralling about immersing oneself in the world of the best photographers, greatest designers, and the most beautiful clothes.  If anything, I uphold high standards.  I am an elitist, I free admit.  In a world of instant gratification, I await quality and applaud craftsmanship.  I value creativity and appreciate thoughtfulness.  Should I expect any less?


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