Lovely Bones

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Rafael Stahelin for Vogue Korea April 2010

Ok, Abbey kind of gives me the same face in every shot, but I like this editorial anyway.  The outfits are wonderfully off-kilter with unusual points of interest.  “Lovely Bones” is quite apt.  There’s bone-like jewelry–in one case, a gigantic clasp worn as a top–and skeletal leggings with a matching long -sleeved top.  That gigantic  golden-ribbed bodice? is pretty awesome.  I probably wouldn’t be audacious enough to wear it alone like Abbey is, but it’d contrast really nicely over a black top.  Also, the headgear in this editorial is pretty awesome.  The tulle–used as a veil–hardly seems bride-like and creates a queen-of-the-dead-esque image (the pearled skull helps too).  I like the somewhat morbid overtones; it makes me think of Persephone as Hades’ Bride and Queen of the Underworld.   I also like how there’s hardly any black in the styling, yet I get that morbid mood from I anyway.  Well thought out by the stylist.

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