Daniel Radcliffe by Serge Leblon

Credit: Smile

Daniel Radcliffe by Serge Leblon for Dazed & Confused November 2010

Here’s the accompanying editorial to that intriguing Dazed & Confused cover.  It has a nice blend of realism and fantastical elements.  Daniel Radcliffe really intrigues me as an artist.  His most obvious claim to fame is playing Harry Potter for the past decade, but his other projects are his true points of interest.  That daring role in Equus which leads him revealing quite a bit and those poems under the pen name Jacob Gershon for Rubbish in 2007 are two highlights.  Good friend Tom Felton also extols Radcliffe’s passion for acting and art, which makes Radcliffe a whole lot more interesting to me than a typical actor/celebrity.  Elaborately painted and dressed in feathers, he cuts quite an image.  I admire his willingness to push boundaries and his intensity and commitment to this shoot.  The hazy light of his realistic shots cast him in an edgy, yet ethereal light.  And it makes him, I might add, quite attractive.  I also like the overcasting glam rock theme to this editorial.  The fantastical shots make him appear like living art.  It reminds me of the living statues in Fremont who follow you around, playfully mimicking your actions and casting them in temporary stone.  And Dazed & Confused does what I feel that Interview has lost.  It pushes boundaries with pop culture and art without seeming formulaic.  I eagerly await what it will do next.  In the mean time, this issue with have to suffice.

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