Le Péché


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans for Numéro #96 September 2008

Edita + Camilla seems to be a popular model/photographer pairing.  I have counted 5 editorials with that pairing in my archives, which is quite a bit for such a transient industry.  In any case, I like it.  While I am not impressed by every editorial with that particular pair (it’s hard to be when they certainly do more than the 5 I have), I think they’re a very good working pair.  The photography to this one, in particular, is stunning.  The lighting just enhances the contrast between black and white.  I love the large presence of the church in the editorial as well; it makes the wide shots really impressive.  It’s great that Edita’s presence remains well felt in the wide shots as well.  There’s hardly a weak shot in the lot.  The shadows Edita creates are really stunning as well.  I love the way she poses.  Shot 3 is a particularly nice example where she’s leaning arms spread with her face upturned.  But my absolutely favorite shot in this editorial is shot 5 where Edita is like a Grecian (or Italian) statue.  Everything about it is just so well done, from the tilt of her head to the flowing semi-transparent sheet draped over her.  I also adore Numéro for its spectacular editorials.  This upholds the standard of excellence.  And here’s to a beautiful partnership.

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