Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Bregje Heinen by Jean-François Campos for Flair November 2010

God.  I think I love everything about this editorial: the intensity, the landscape, the photography, the posing, the kooky faux looks…It can be deemed a really impressive editorial on its execution alone.   The photography in general is stunning.  Moreover, Campos must have felt so inspired by this landscape.  The lighting is spectacular and varied, providing a surreal mood to every shot.  Now, this styling does not suit my particular aesthetic, but it doesn’t matter.  I can appreciate the beauty of the overall; the shaggy voluminous faux hardly registers.  The clothes just magically fall in with the fantastic landscape.  I love how everything manages to perfectly complement each other.  Bregje’s poses show a wild abandonment that I greatly appreciate.  So much of editorials are strictly controlled.  It makes me long for a little impulsiveness.  People may be directing her to leap or something, but she demonstrates solid grasp on the concept of this piece.  There’s something instinctual and natural about it.  Not to mention, those new and improved drawn “eyebrows” are pretty awesome.  It’s an intriguing little touch that really stands out in the black and white shots.  Bregje is certainly a newcomer to watch.

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