Northern Light

Credit: Smile

Siri Tollerød by Peter Hapak for The Room #12 F/W 2010

There is something really eerie about Siri in this.  Personally, I like the haunting beauty of this editorial, but I can see how it can be off-putting.  In an industry that constantly recycles from its past, this falls right in with that.  Siri is very Twiggy-esque in this with the dramatic sixties styling.  And those lashes are crazy awesome.   There is something eerily doll-like about her, giving the editorial a fantastical feel.  But I love the interjection of realism with the bra-strap marks imprinted on her back.  Most publications would retouch that.  And she has a great touch with her gaze.  I like how she unsettles the viewer by gazing dead-on when she has the intense Cleopatra eyeliner, but slants her gaze to side in other cases.  It adds to the off-kilter tone.  I’m all for off-kilter editorials.

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