My Own Private Idaho

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Dree Hemingway by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK November 2010

I really like Dree Hemingway actually.   A lot of people writer her off for being Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter (in the same way people write off Georgia May Jagger), but I think she’s a decent model (see “Sang d’Encre“).  And while she doesn’t show a lot of range in this particular editorial, I love the styling to this.  This chic ruggedness is terribly popular right now and fits right in with this stormy weather we’ve been having.    Layered knits with sturdy boots make for a perfect solution to winter cold.  In this case, the art is in the layers.  And the right proportions can do wonders.   Also, I like the casualness of it all and the nostalgia of her childhood.  The tapered pigtail braids provides a certain girlish air about her, reinforcing that hometown feel.

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  1. Great blog post, been after that???


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