Into the fall


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


Judith Bedard by Adrian Nina for SOMA October 2010

Can you believe that this is the same model in the Vogue Nippon Beauty Supplement I had posted back in May?  I didn’t recognize her at all.  By the way, I am already completely and utterly biased towards this.  It’s that flaming red hair and brilliant blue eyes; gets me every time.  It doesn’t help that she looks so effortlessly cool in this.  She’s very suited to menswear styling.  And those oversized glasses! Plus cat-eyed sunglasses!  How did SOMA know that I’m a total sucker for off-kilter kookiness amidst structured styling?  Judith looks so cool.  It’s like I’m the girl on the sideline gawking at the coolest girl in the room.  Total fan.

I like people.  I can be drawn to certain things about people, like good proportions or fantastic cheekbones.  I saw this girl on the bus once who had these gorgeous high cheekbones with lovely large hazel eyes framed by long curled lashes.  Perhaps I was envious of those lashes.  All I know is she was so terribly pretty with barely any makeup on.  Or how Daria Werbowy has this wonderful hourglass figure I can’t help but admire.  Judith brings up that same admiration but for her effortlessness.  She’s very natural in front the camera.  And again, that flaming red hair and those bright baby blues.  I hope to see more of her work in the near future.

[Side note: Every time I write “Judith,” I think Judith Butler.  Another awesome lady. But a sociological and philosophical writer instead of model.]

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