Before the Tide Comes

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Denise by Zhang Jingna

Now we have come to my favorite piece of work for the past month or so.  Because I am finally, finally caught up with all the latest editorials (thanks to Fashion Month backlog and university starting up again).  And this: this is just pure amazingness.  Zhang Jingna created a fantastic concept and executed it wonderfully.  It was sheer genius to contrast the intense black styling with the naturalness of the beach.  It brings a savage intensity to it and leaves us with an impression of haunting beauty (Very apt. Thank you Fashion Gone Rogue for putting it in my head in the first place).  Denise is both fierce and fiercely gorgeous, displaying wonderful lines and innovative poses.  And she points her toes (Hmm I probably have a thing for pointed toes in fashion. Most dance themed editorials fail because of the lack of them, among other things).  Not to mention, the clothes are hot.  Gothic with bondage straps throughout with Haider Ackermann-style twisted cutout leather jackets (all the clothes are from Mother of London).  Now I leave you to gaze upon these fucking fantastic photos.

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