Dazed & Confused November 2010 Cover

Credit: Smile

Daniel Radcliffe by Serge Leblon for Dazed & Confused November 2010

Why, hello Harry Potter.

When did you become so artistically awesome?

Always have been?

Then do you mind if I fangirl you for forever from this point forward? Cuz I can now like you for your own merit as opposed to your Harry Potter association.

By God, I did not recognize Daniel Radcliffe at all.  If this hadn’t been labelled, it would have taken me quite a while to figure it out.  I really like the direction Daniel Radcliffe has taken.  I know he’s going to have to prove himself to the industry after playing Harry Potter for the past decade (and growing quite rich while he’s at it) and he’s made some interesting decisions in recent years.   Published a couple poems under a secret pen name, starred naked in Equus…I like that he pushes the boundaries and is not afraid to take on the more controversial projects.  Dazed & Confused totally picks up on his willingness to push boundaries and presents us with this glam rock-esque cover that is completely polar opposite of Harry Potter.  Totally intriguing.  Perhaps a new trend is emerging with intriguing young actors.  James Franco also recently covered Candy Magazine in drag; and although I absolutely adore him, Daniel’s cover is better.  And this was just after that highly engrossing article about him [James, not Daniel] in New York Magazine too.  In any case, I’m all for it.  I like a little (or maybe a lot) kookiness in artists.  It makes life a whole lot more interesting.


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