Sofie by Dmitry G. Pavlov


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


I love the aged quality to this.  (Edit: I’ve just been schooled.  Ok I love that Pavlov uses film instead of digital) I most definitely get a nineties feel from this where the supermodels had reigned supreme (Christy, Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Eva, etc.).  The short messy waves, bold brow, the oversized clothes…all major indications of that era.  And while I was very young in the nineties, I still know about the Helmut Lang style minimalist and Nirvana grunge obsession.  I really like the simplicity of this portrait series and how it grabs me anyway.  A model must show a lot of personality to take something minimal and turn it into something charismatic.  Not to mention, that Giambattista Valli white ballgown is fantastic (see shot 8).  Just the right amount of luxurious maximalist put in a minimalist setting to present lovely contrast.

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3 Comments to “Sofie by Dmitry G. Pavlov”

  1. it’s not “aged quality”
    just a film)

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