My Wild Love

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Valerija Kelava by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China November 2010

I normally dislike patterns–especially ones that clash–but this surprisingly works.  It could go out of control but it didn’t.  This is exactly what US Vogue hopes to achieve with its greige background and fun style palette but falls far short of the mark.  US Vogue comes off as formulaic and unoriginal while, this is playful and well executed.  It could be that it’s Lachlan Bailey taking the photos (but US Vogue has Patrick Demarchelier so there’s no excuses).  It could be that Valerija has the freedom to display more personality and charisma than the chosen models in its US counterpart. Or it could be that this has personality, quirkiness, romantic edges, and variety without 1) offending me with some “ethnic” shoot which results in overly orange models in a failed attempt at “diversity” and 2) boring me with having the model jump over and over again in perfectly structured yet unimaginative looks.  In any case, I enjoy seeing what Vogue China produces (even if they feature more white models than anyone) for its ingenuity and its romantic aesthetic.

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One Comment to “My Wild Love”

  1. Great blog post, I have been waiting for that :D

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