Ieva Laguna by Greg Kadel

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ieva Laguna by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany November 2010

Now this is fashion with a sense of humor.  It’s disorienting, amusing, shocking, and clever all in one.  With stuffed bras and quirky makeup, this feels a bit like Miuccia Prada took over the styling and concept and is making a clever statement.  I like it.  It’s so kooky and whimsical–almost farcical–without elapsing into the realm of utter ridiculousness.  I like that this editorial is well mixed with quirky styling, pretty shots, and avant garde beauty.  That fifties Louis Vuitton dress looks fantastic with those baby doll lashes.  Shot 12 is cartoonish/comic book-like with the exaggerated bustiness,  shiny pompadour, and ringed red eyeliner like a superhero mask.   I especially enjoy the last shot with the Tom Ford glasses worn off-kilter and the look on her face.  And while the playfulness of it all is great, there’s plenty of seriousness and elegance for people who don’t appreciate the quirkiness.  Shot 6 is classic luxurious camel and minimalist beauty while shots 4 + 5 are pin-up glamour.  Bravo Vogue Germany.

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